Meet the Team!

Team Photo

(From Left to Right)
Monica McGill, Nathan Clark, Joel Ferneno, Alex Jagim, Michael Holwey, Payton Orr, Ian Karlovsky, Kyle Des Jardins, Alan Lam, Jake Rodelius, Chad Watson, Alexander “A.J.” Hambly, Dominic Bavetta, Rhianna Guptill, Trevor Tomasic, Nick Luciani, and William “Billy” Peters

Each team member served multiple roles. Click on their names to go to their personal portfolio.

Alan Lam – Alan was the UI artist and helped with animations. He also tested the game extensively as needed. Graduated May 2016 with a degree in Interactive Media: Game Design and a minor in Studio Art, Alan is interested in UI/UX design work. 

Alex Jagim – A senior Game Design major with a Computer Science minor. Alex designed all the levels in worlds 6 and 7, implemented the in game store, added the analytics tracking for the game, and created a number of tools to help productivity and reduce time for making revisions.

Alexander “A.J.” Hambly – A senior game design major (studio art minor) with a passion for games, art, and any unique fusions between the two. As art lead managed our very talented art team and tweaked, updated, or reviewed anything art related as well as making objects for the player to interact with.

Chad Watson – A software engineer who likes to work with games, web, and VR. Chad programmed the foundation of the User Interface.

Dominic Bavetta – A senior computer science major who has signed on to work as a software engineer after graduation. Dominic worked as a User Interface Developer.

Ian Karlovsky – General designer, programmer, lover of games and self-declared “crazy ideas” guy. Ian worked as a programmer, mechanics designer and level designer.

Jake Rodelius – A game designer and jack of all trades that hopes to make it as an indie developer. Helped design the concept for the game and created the levels for worlds 1, 2, and 3. Pitched in wherever needed.

Joel Ferneno – A senior at Bradley University majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Game Design with a  concentration in Game Technology. Testing Team Lead that was in charge of Quality Assurance and User testing as well as managing the bug list and integrating assets.

Jordon Lamping – An artist from Crystal Lake, Illinois, is pursuing a career as a Motion Artist and Graphic Designer. He worked as an environment artist and concept artist.

Kyle Des Jardins – A Senior majoring in Game Design who likes to create complex levels and spinning new narratives. Kyle worked as a level layout designer, asset integration, and all around general design (like this website).

Michael Holwey – A Computer Science major with a concentration in Computer Game Technology from Joliet, IL. Configuration Manager that set up/managed github source control, Floating Gameplay Programmer, and Audio Manager/Programmer.

Monica McGill – Producer, Game Design Professor at Bradley University. Oversaw the design and development of the game and served as liaison between the Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome Foundation and development team. Also pitched in with programming as needed.

Nathan Clark – A senior at Bradley University with a  major in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Game Technology. As the lead programmer, he was in charge of engineering and implementing the architecture of systems that include the controls, gameplay elements, achievements, and the backend.

Nick Luciani – A senior at Bradley University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Game Technology. Developed the code/User Interface for Koala Quest, the Sjogren’s Banner, and the level hint questions.

Payton Orr – A graduating senior Game Design major pursuing a career in video game production. Acted as assistant producer. Worked in team and client communications, documentation, scheduling, research, QA, and User Testing as well as providing some 2D art assistance.

Rhianna Guptill – A junior Game Design student with a passion for all types of game art. Was responsible for all of the character art and animations, as well as some of the world concept art.

Trevor Tomasic – A senior majoring in Game Design with a minor in computer science. Trevor contributed to the overall design of the game, programmed, and worked with the artists to integrate animations.

William “Billy” Peters – A senior at Bradley University with a major in Computer Science. Worked on programming and designing the achievements as well as making the particle effects.